A Goddess Alphabet (green) and (red)

Two unique books in the series

4.75 x 4 inches

28 pages


Each page is a calligrapher's interpretation of one modern Roman alphabet letter. The style is meant to look like symbolic incised marks from ancient archeological finds in Old Europe, from a culture thought to be matriarchal.

Accordion books bound with soft leather wrap covers stitched to an inner stiffener which backs and partially wraps the pages. Green book is bound with forest green dyed cowskin. Red book is bound with burgundy nubuck deerskin. Gold deerskin tie for closure; green book has a brass button closure.

Painted and lettered inner wrapper also sewn to stiffener, has two title pages which overlap. Painted alphabet on accordion pages, A to Z, is lettered with a folded ruling pen in layers of iridescent and black acrylic inks on Arches Text Wove paper that has been paste painted.

A Goddess Alphabet (red) in private collection

A Goddess Alphabet (green) in artist's collection.

A Goddess Alphabet (green) coverA Goddess Alphabet (green) front pageA Goddess Alphabet (green) title pageA Goddess Alphabet (green) lettersA Goddess Alphabet (green) back

A Goddess Alphabet (red) coverA Goddess Alphabet (red) titleA Goddess Alphabet (red) lettersA Goddess Alphabet (red) spine sewing

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