Discover Calligraphy and Illumination Kit

This calligraphy instruction kit includes a 40-page soft cover book and a selection of tools to help you get started learning calligraphy and illumination. The full color book features step-by-step instructions for basic techniques and four projects. First published by Walter Foster Publishing, Inc. in October 2006, it was republished in 2009 for a higher price and less tools. This kit has now been discontinued by Walter Foster in 2012. It can be found at online booksellers and resellers.

Table of Contents:

Tools, Materials and Setup
Getting Started/Pen Patterns
Parts of Letters/Pen Angle
Preparing the Paper/Ruling Up
Skeleton Minuscules & Majuscules
Foundational Minuscules & Majuscules
Runic Versals
Blackletter Minuscules & Majuscules
Roman Versals
Lombardic Versals
Italic Minuscules & Majuscules
Planning Your Design/Spacing
Working with Color
Writing with Gouache
Designing a Quote
Illuminating Letters:
Runic Letter Panel
Gothic Decorated Letter/Medieval Border
Contemporary Decorated Letter/Floral Border
Other Decorated Letters and Borders
Taking the Next Step

The kit includes:
40-page book
5 pen nibs (Chronicle size 1, 2 and 4 broad edge nibs, Tape 2-1/2 oblique nib, and .5 drawing nib)
2 reservoirs
pen holder
black ink
white ceramic palette
6 tubes of gouache (lemon yellow, brilliant red, leaf green, cobalt blue hue, white and gold)
2 brushes

If you only want the book, it can be found in a different size and format, entitled Beginner's Guide: Calligraphy and Illumination.

Discover Calligraphy and Illumination 400px

Discover Calligraphy and Illumination

Kit is 12.75 x 9.75 inches with tools and materials

Softcover book is 9.875 x 7 inches, 40 pages

p. 4 Discover Calligraphy & Illumination p. 7 Discover Calligraphy & Illuminationp. 17 Discover Calligraphy & Illuminationp. 24 Discover Calligraphy & Illuminationp. 29 Discover Calligraphy & Illuminationp. 30 Discover Calligraphy & Illuminationp. 37 Discover Calligraphy & Illuminationp. 39 Discover Calligraphy & Illumination