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Make Your Mark:
Calligraphy Tools
and Techniques

Calligraphy is “slow writing.” As the art of simple handwriting becomes more rare, learning to write slowly and beautifully is a meditative and rewarding practice.

This class will present an overview of the tools of calligraphy: dip pens, fountain pens, pencils, brushes and markers. Different inks will be discussed, as well as best papers and other surfaces. Demonstrations will also include using large pens, filling the nib, and writing with color. Learn to write with a variety of tools, including broad and pointed pen nibs, and understand different alphabet styles. As time and interest allow, techniques for working on projects will be shown.

If you have questions about calligraphy pens you already have, bring them to class. A supply list will be sent with registration confirmation.

Please email me directly at for upcoming workshop details and registration information.