Custom Wedding Certificate

The wedding certificates shown on this page were all commissioned by couples who wanted an original, unique work of art to represent their commitment. The wedding certificate is entirely lettered by hand and may be painted with flowers and plants meaningful to the couple, or a quotation. I use only the finest archival materials, lettering in lightfast ink and gouache on 100% heavy cotton rag paper. (I never use parchment paper, which is highly acidic and will discolor over time, or colored inks, which will fade.) If you would like a similar work of art to remember your wedding day by, I can create an original wedding certificate for you too. Lead time is generally six to ten weeks, and price will vary according to the amount of illustration you want.

A word to the wise: don't be misled by wedding certificate websites claiming to offer calligraphy on their wedding certificates when they actually use computer fonts. These days fonts can look quite a bit like calligraphy but they are still machine produced.

"We received our wedding certificate last week, and I must say that it is even better than we hoped. Your work is absolutely amazing and we are honored to have such a wonderful piece of hand-craftsmanship to celebrate our wedding day."

"We were happy with how flexible you were in using native California plants for our certificate. The quality of hand-lettering was exquisite, and we are very happy with the plant illustrations as well."

"We have it hanging in our hallway, and it is so nice to see it every day. We love seeing the lettering, illustrations, and all the signatures. We get lots of compliments!"

Shakespeare certificate 400pxShakespeare certificate top detailShakespeare certificate bottom detailSarah and Alex certificate 400 pxSarah and Alex certificate left detailSarah and Alex certificate right detailElizabeth and Lloyd certificate 400 pxElizabeth and Lloyd certificate detailBrian and Dryden certificate 400 pxBrian and Dryden certificate poppies detail

For ordering and pricing details, please download the PDF file, or send me an email at scribe at