Wedding Certificate

Designed to become heirlooms, these certificate prints are reproduced from my own hand lettering and miniature paintings with the finest materials available.

Museum-quality digital printing with lightfast pigment inks on heavy 100% cotton rag paper. Available in three sizes from 13 to 19 inches up to 22 x 30 inches.

Since ancient times, flowers have been used to celebrate weddings or other occasions of romantic love. Medieval folk began the practice of ascribing certain meanings to certain flowers, and the Victorians developed it into the "Language of Flowers." Lovers were able to communicate secretly using this botanical "language" and thus flowers, aside from their lovely fragrances and beautiful looks, held meanings both magical and eloquent.

The print may be ordered with the prelettered vows, or blank to be customized with your own vows. All lettering added in calligraphy: your names in color with gold flourishes, place and date of your wedding in black, and pencil in the lines for your guests.

Scroll down to see some samples of different name colors, and what some custom vows might look like.

Vows read:

In the presence of this community
(on this date)
(at this place)
join our lives together.

We promise to love one another, to cherish, honor and respect each other, to trust in the seasons of life's joys and sorrows, and to create a loving home together, from this day forward.

(signature) (signature)


This wedding certificate speaks the language of flowers with images of the most lovely and romantic blossoms in the painted border. The flowers and their meanings, moving counterclockwise around the border:

Honeysuckle: devotion, the ties of love

Rose, pink: perfect happiness

Lilac: first emotions of love

Forget-me-not: memories

Rose, red: love, beauty, passion

Violet: faithfulness, you occupy my thoughts

Ivy: wedded love, fidelity

Pomegranate tree: plenty and prosperity, fecundity of nature, immortality

Lavender: acknowledgement of love

and don't forget the bluebird of happiness, and the miniature red heart hiding in the pomegranate tree!

"I received the certificate, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for taking such care in packing it."

"I especially liked the plastic overlay to keep it from being stained and the instructions for the framing and handling."

Garden Wedding Certificate print with vows

Names lettered in purple with blue initial letters; platinum gold flourishes

Names lettered in dark green with burgundy initial letters; gold flourishes

More examples of names on this page

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